Christian Science Fiction

My specialty in writing, and one of my favorites in reading, is Christian Science Fiction (otherwise known as "Christian SF," "Christian Sci-fi," etc.). No, that's not a contradiction in terms. There should be no argument between genuine science, the study of G-d's creation, and the Messiah sent by that G-d.

The reason that something like "Christian" science fiction is needed, is that too much of what passes for science fiction today isn't just neutral to Christianity, but instead is overtly hostile to it. Don't be mistaken - "secular humanism" is indeed a religion that glorifies mankind as G-d, and too much of science fiction bows down at its altar.

Probably the most famous writer of Christian science fiction is C. S. Lewis, especially in his "Space Trilogy" (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength ). The hallmarks of Christian science fiction are:

I titled this section "Christian science fiction," but there is also a broader genre called "Christian speculative fiction" which includes "science fiction" but could instead be fantasy (e.g. Tolkein's works) or involve an alternative universe where physical laws are different or where historical events transpired differently than they did in this universe (although not Christian, The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick is the classic alternate universe novel).

My three current novels are:

I am currently also working on a sequel to Dauntless Homecoming, entitled Mars Doom Rising.

My short story, Transit of Gem, has just appeared in the magazine "The Cross and the Cosmos." You're welcome to head over there and read it, since the magazine is free!